Al Persohn


Series: Leviticus, Daniel and Revelation, a Preterist Investigation
Session One: Leviticus as the legal framework for the first captivity judgement
Session Two: Leviticus as the legal framework and timing of Judgements including the Book of Revelation


The first part of this presentation will work from a judgement rather than a blessing perspective.

We will look at the necessary timing of the events of the Book of Revelation.

This will take us from Leviticus and Deuteronomy to Chronicles and Malachi by way of Daniel

Our conclusion will shine light on covenant blessing in the fulfilled eschaton.

Al is the Pastor of Botany City Church in Sydney NSW Australia

He has been married to Annette since 1984, together they have two children and two grandchildren.


After a crisis in his long held Dispensation position in the late 90’s, Al began to study eschatology diligently. He struck up a friendship with Don Preston and was pleased to host Don, Jan and later William Bell at his church.

Al’s Youtube channel is:

Part 1

Part 2