Daniel Rogers

Series: The Restoration of Israel in Revelation
Lesson One: The New Exodus and the Great City
Lesson Two: The New Exodus and the New Heavens and New Earth


The Book of Revelation identifies the Great City as spiritual Sodom, Egypt, and Babylon. All three cities are guilty in the Hebrew Scriptures of oppressing the righteous and are used as symbols of bondage in the apostles and prophets. Revelation, then, is about the exodus of God’s people from this great city (Revelation 18:4). This exodus is the subject of much biblical prophecy, such as the passage known as the Little Apocalypse in Isaiah.

Old Covenant Israel, the Jerusalem below or the Old Jerusalem, became the ultimate Egypt/ Sodom/ Babylon because, though she was designed to be a light and blessing to the world, she had made a covenant with death and Hades. The destruction of Jerusalem, therefore, marks the time when God abolishes their covenant with death and Hades, and Judah and Israel are restored under a New Name in a New Heavens and New Earth. The Jerusalem above, the New Jerusalem, is the fulfillment of all promises made to Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, and those in exile. It is the city for which Abraham longed for, and in it there is no longer any curse!

Part 1

Part 2