Scott W. Fisher

Series: Revelation:

Lesson One: The Wrath of the Lamb | Watch from frame below or from Youtube

Lesson Two: The Love of the Bridegroom | Watch from frame below or from Youtube


In Revelation we have both. Throughout Scripture, Old Testament through New Testament, we have both. The contemporary Evangelical view is that the “wrath of God” is an Old Testament picture of God and the “love of God” is the New Testament picture of God (I call it “the syrupy Jesus”). The reality is that the Old Testament wrath reached its fulfillment in the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem and the pouring out of His wrath upon the unfaithful apostates who opposed Him, opposed His truth, opposed His ways, opposed His prophets, and opposed His Messiah throughout their entire history! (Rev. 6:12-17; Rev. 18,19)
His love, the love of a Bridegroom for His bride, is portrayed throughout the Old Testament and New Testament and reaches fulfillment in the Wedding of the Lamb which occurs simultaneously with the AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem. 
(Rev. 19, 21, 22)
The focus of these two messages will be resolving the apparent contradiction of the two images and embracing the hope of the Gospel — that God is longing for intimate relationship between Himself and people who love Him, love His presence, love His ways, love His Word.

Part 1

Part 2